Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You ever heard of the surf film Endless Summer...I'm living it. Sun and waves. This place is neverending summer. So you might ask why am i confused when people say its summer, maybe because i just lived a straight year of it. Nah i'm loving it here and stoked to see how else God will move through STN. I thought i would post the latest STN clip of whats goin on here. We recently had our Freedom Surf Contest, a fun surf comp for all ages and all kinds of boards from standup paddle to shredding shortboard. It's to promote a drug-free Hawaii. Surfing doesn't exactly have the best rep for morals when its comes to the pro surfers. So Surfing the Nations put on this contest to show its fun to surf with a drug free lifestyle. Surfers Giving Back aren't exactly peanut butter and jelly but we are hoping it will be one day. Enjoy the video. Come out next year!

Freedom Surf Contest- A drug Free Hawaii from Surfing The Nations on Vimeo.

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